Heating and cooling systems can be complicated. Leave it to StayKool Mechanical to simp lify all your needs in this area. Read on for a list of commonly asked questions regarding your heating and cooling system.

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Q: What does HVAC mean?

A: HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and generally refers to the heating and cooling system. The system can control temperature, humidity, the intake of fresh air and is responsible for maintaining the air quality of your space.

Q: Why should you invest in a new heating or cooling system?

A: After a thorough one-on-one consultation to determine your business’ needs and assess your current building and equipment, a StayKool Mechanic can suggest the HVAC package that best meets your needs. We know that in choosing your equipment, the most important consideration is meeting your individual needs, such as identifying the highest efficiency units to reduce energy consumption to save you money in the long run. Packages will be recommended based on improving performance and optimizing efficiency. Your building and roof structure are also important factors in determining the best choice of equipment for you. Contact your expert heating and cooling company .

Q: What is the standard lifetime of a unit?

A: The lifetime of a unit depends on the date of manufacture, the quality of the equipment and the historical care (i.e. service and maintenance) of a unit. Because they do not have moving parts, gravity types and floor furnaces appear to have the longest life, usually lasting 50-60 years. Forced air furnaces have a 15-18-year long life expectancy, while air conditioners typically last 15-20 years. As the units become older, they tend to require frequent repairs.

Q: Should I replace or repair my current system?

A: If the system has been kept clean, it might be worth repairing it. However, the cost of cleaning an old, poorly maintained furnace can be costly, making replacement the more practical option.

Q: How often should I service my unit?

A: You should have your system serviced by an experienced technician at the start of every season. This ensures that your unit is functioning properly, eliminating the possibility of a minor issue developing into a major problem, such as a costly motor repair or a blown compressor. Count on StayKool Mechanical to meet all of your service and maintenance needs.

Q: Why am I seeing black/brown streaks on my wall around the vents?

A: While black or brown streaks on your wall could just be a sign of dirty air in the space, they could also indicate a crack in the fibrox inside your furnace. This can result in carbon monoxide leakage, poisoning your air. In this event, the system should be shut off and carefully checked for safety. StayKool Mechanical has the expertise required to deal with this and other hazardous heating and cooling issues.

Q: Why can I smell my furnace heating up?

A: The odor you detect is the dirt burning off your furnace’s heat exchanger. Small particles of dirt settle on the firebox and burn off with each use. To eliminate this issue, improve your filtration system and clean out the system. For more information, call StayKool Mechanical today!